Below are a few questions that I'm asked a lot. If you can't find the answers to your question, feel free to email me at karobinsonfans@aol.com. 

Q: How many books will be in the Torn Series?
A: There will be a total of eight books in this series. Torn, Twisted, Tainted, and Toxic: Logan's Story are all available now. You can find more information on them here. Future books will focus on Adam and Amber, Eric, Danny, and Jordan. Adam and Amber's book will be the next release in this series. My blog or Facebook page is the best place to check for updates on these books. Also, you can join my mailing list to get the latest updates first. Just click here to join. 

Q: Will Andy have his own book? (The Ties Series)
A: Yes, Andy will have his very own book. Right now, I'm hoping to release it in 2015. You can find out more information on the Ties Series here.

Q: Will there be more of Breaking Alexandria?
A: When I wrote Breaking Alexandria, I only intended to do one book for them. This book is most definitely a standalone. I've had a lot of feedback on the book from readers asking for more. So, yes, there will be another book. Right now, I'm not sure if it will be a novella or a full length book. I'm hoping to have more information on it, including a possible release date, in 2015.

Q: Will there be more for Taming Alec?
A: Taming Alec is a novella. I wrote it as a quick, steamy read. At the moment, I have no plans to continue their story. Maybe one day I will, but not now.

Q: Where can I order signed books and/or swag?
A: I have a store setup with all of my books. You can click here to view it. As for signed swag, I have a page with directions on how to obtain it. Just click here.

Q: Can I join your street team?
A: Definitely! Just click here to join the Facebook group!

Q: Will you donate to my giveaway?
A: I have a set number of donations I do each month. If I'm able, I will. If not, maybe next time. Feel free to email me at karobinsonfans@aol.com to ask.

Q: Will you read my book?
A: I am an avid reader. Unfortunately, I'm usually pressed for time. I really wish I could, but there's no way I can and still hit my deadlines. I'm really sorry!


  1. When will Eric's book be out? I'm curious about him!

    1. I will have more information on his book later this year. :)