Sunday, December 29, 2013

What to expect in 2014.

Information on signings, new books, purchasing signed books, my mailing list, and a cameo from my kid! Enjoy. <3

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tainted Preorder Links

Below are the preorder links for Tainted (Torn #3.) As of right now, I do not have preorder links for Amazon or Nook because I am self-publishing this book. If/When I do, I'll update this post with those links.

Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tainted Blog Tour Giveaway donation form

I am now taking donations for Tainted Blog Tour giveaway. If you would like to donate, please click on the link below. Thank you in advance.



Mini rant about to take place....

So, I was talking with a fellow author who is getting ready to start a blog tour.

Apparently, she found out that several "blogs" that signed up for her tour weren't blogs at all. Or they were someone not affiliated with the blog they had listed.

Tainted's blog tour is coming up at the end of next month, so I thought I should check too. Low and behold, I had the same issue.

I know it makes me an idiot, but I trust people. I've been around for 23 years. You'd think that I would know better, but whatever. I'm too trusting and it gets me in trouble from time to time. Like with this situation. I never even thought to check on the people who signed up for my tour.

So, I just spent the last.... hour of my life messaging blogs that had emails that didn't match their names. Most of them were legit, but I found a few that either
A. weren't related to that blog
B. The blog they listed didn't exist

I'm kind of ticked off. Bloggers work their bums off for authors and they shouldn't be used this way. And people shouldn't try to take advantage of authors to get books.

I get that money is tight. I do. Especially around this time of year. But please, please, PLEASE don't lie. It makes legit bloggers look bad and it makes authors not trust anyone.

Now, excuse me while I go sulk and eat brownies.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Torn Series - Reading order. YOU chose!

As I said before, I plan to write stories for all of The Torn Series characters. BUT I want YOU to decide who you would like to read about first! Vote below!

Who's story would you like to read next after Logan's in the Torn Series by K.A. Robinson free polls 

Tainted Cover Reveal

RELEASE DATE - January 25, 2014

 The third and final chapter of Chloe and Drake's story!

 Part One: Facing My Demons
 Drake lost everything the day Chloe walked away from him. Feeling angry and hurt by her abandonment, he dives deeper into his cocaine use. Each day becomes a struggle for him. After his band is picked up by a recording studio in Los Angeles, things go from bad to worse. What happens to a man who has lost everything he ever truly cared about?
 Part Two: Learning to Love Again
 When Drake showed up on Chloe’s doorstep, begging for forgiveness, she couldn’t turn him away. To Chloe, loving Drake is like breathing and she couldn’t bring herself to let him go again.
 But what happens next? Follow Chloe and Drake as they learn to forgive and heal together.
 Will Drake’s fame get in the way of their happily ever after? Or is love enough to keep them together?
 The epic conclusion to Drake and Chloe’s story.

It took A LOT of people to make this cover. I won't lie - It's my favorite of all time.
First, I want to thank Letitia with Romantic Book Affairs for making the cover.
Second, to Hilda from LaModaPhotography for taking this awesome photo for me.
And finally, to Kevin, the super hot guy who agreed to be my cover model. Let me just say - he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met! If you want to check out his portfolio, you can see it here:

Want to know what will happen next with the Torn Series? Click HERE!

Author Links:

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Torn Series - What's next?

As most of you know, Tainted (Torn #3) is scheduled for release January 25th, 2014. It is the third and final book for Chloe and Drake. It is split into two parts (okay - three parts, but the third part is a surprise.) Part one focuses on the six months that Chloe and Drake were apart in Twisted. It is from Drake's point of view. Part two focuses on what happens next from Chloe's point of view.

Once you finish Tainted, you'll see that Chloe and Drake's story is complete.

So, does that mean that the Torn Series is finished? No. I posted a looooooong time ago that I planned to write books for the rest of the characters and I still plan to do that.  Logan, Jordan, Eric, Adam, Danny, Jade, and Amber will all have a chance to tell their stories as well. And yes, Chloe and Drake will be in their books. They're a group so it would be impossible not to have them in there. You'll get to see bits and pieces of their future in the other books.

I'll be honest with you guys. I've finished writing six full length novels and a novella since January. Total I've type roughly 398,000 words in 12 months. I have a husband, a three year old and I also have a day job. To put it mildly - I'm exhausted. I sleep no more than 4 hours a day and that's over exaggerating at times. I'm 23, but I'm beat.

I'm taking a month or two off. I have to or I'm going to crash. I have crashed once already. Right now, I can promise you that three books will be released in 2014. Tainted, Twisted Ties, and the standalone I just finished. My goal is to put six out, but I'm seeing how things go.

The thing is, with writing, sometimes you have to put one story on hold because another is claiming your attention. That's what happened with Shattered Ties and the standalone. I planned to write Logan's story right after I finished Tainted. Didn't happen. I have started on his story though, so hopefully it will be out later next year.

So to sum up my ramblings - YES, there will be more of the Torn Series. I'm hoping to have all of them out by the end of 2015. I can't promise though, because I literally have a word document FULL of stories that are nagging at me.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tainted (Torn #3) Blog Tour and Cover reveal sign up forms!

Bloggers -

I am looking for blogs who would like to participate in my Tainted cover reveal and blog tour!

Cover Reveal -

The cutoff for the cover reveal sign up is December 11th. The cover reveal is scheduled for December 14th. Trust me, you do NOT want to miss this cover! 

Click here to sign up:

Blog Tour -

The blog tour for Tainted will have 100 blogs on it. First come, first serve. After I reach 100 blogs, I will close the form. The tour will run from January 26th to February 8th. Also, there will be a Twitter chat with DRAKE from The Torn Series! Want to get down and dirty with him? You'll have that opportunity via the Twitter chat!

Any information you need will be available on the link below.

Click here to sign up:

Happy Holidays!