Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tough Topics...

First off, let me copy and paste my Facebook status so that you understand where this post is coming from:

Such a sad night. One of my friends lost one of her friends to drug overdose tonight. My thoughts are with them.

I know I write "romance" novels, but I try to push topics that need addressed - drugs being one of them.

I've had several of you contact me since I released Twisted, telling me about your recovery or the recovery of a loved one. Those mean so much to me.

To anyone out there readin
g this who uses drugs, I beg of you to get help. You're not only hurting yourself, but your friends and family as well. If you're scared, MESSAGE ME. I know I'm a bit slow about replying at times, but I WILL message you back. I can give you links to sites that can help you, or I'll just listen if you need to talk.

You are worth so much more. Love you all.
Okay, with that being said, I want to post a few links for those of you who might be seeking help.
If you do not like those for whatever reason, let me know and I can get you more links. Just ask, I promise I will.
Drugs are such a HUGE problem in our world today, and it really irritates me when I see them swept under the rug. No, it doesn't irritate me, it flat out pisses me off.
Drugs destroy people. They destroy their lives, their jobs, their marriages, their relationship with their kids. I. hate. them. I really do.
There are SO many ways that people can get help, but they feel like they have it under control. Or if they realize they're in over their heads, they're afraid to ask for help.
Don't be afraid. Please. There are SO many people out there who care about you, myself included. If you're afraid to seek help, CONTACT ME and I'll help you. I'll talk to you if you feel like you can't handle it, I'll find every drug related link out there and cram it down your browser's throat until we find one you are happy with.
I'll dance naked and sing White Wedding if it will help. (Just kidding, I don't sing.)
Seriously though, I'm here for you and there are so many others that are too. Just think about it, okay?
Below are my contacts:

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