Sunday, June 16, 2013

WV Signing

My fellow Mountaineers (And those of you in surrounding states) -

I wanted to do something different. I know a lot of the time when you're at a signing, you don't get to chat with the authors very long before you're forced to the next table.

Well, what if you were sitting AT the table with said author? That's exactly what we're going to do. Instead of the usual stand in line to get five minutes to chat, we're going to have an entire two hours to just sit down, eat, talk, and sign stuff.

No need to dress up or even do your make up if you don't want to. It's going to be casual and relaxed and SO much fun. I LOVE spending time with you guys and I seriously can not wait to meet all of you!

Sound like a plan?

If you're interested in meeting me August 10th in Morgantown, WV please check out the links below.

Facebook Group

Information (Date, Time, Place)