Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Breaking Alexandria - Landon Teaser

Only 28 days left until Breaking Alexandria's release!


This is your FIRST look at Landon!

Will you be
#TeamJoel or #TeamLandon?


“So you’re still with the guy?” Landon asked.
I glanced up to see him watching me. “Yeah, I am.”
He nodded as he turned back to his stall. “I see.”
“I thought you weren’t going to judge me.”
“I’m not. I was just curious if you were still with him.”
I almost laughed as I realized what he was doing. “Is that your subtle way of asking if I have a boyfriend?”
Landon didn’t look up as he spoke. “Nah, I was just being nosey.”
I studied him as he continued to clean another stall. He really was attractive, but definitely not my type even if I wasn’t with Joel.
“I’m going to give you a friendly piece of advice.”
“And what’s that?”
“Don’t get attached to me, Landon. I’m fucked up, but I’m okay with that. I embrace it. I fight, I drink, and I smoke weed. I like heavy metal music and piercings. I’m the total opposite of you.”
He finally stopped shoveling and turned to face me. “You’re not the total opposite of me.”
“How so?”
He grinned. “I drink too.”
I rolled my eyes as he turned away. “My bad. We’re soul mates.”
“Nah, but don’t worry, I wasn’t hitting on you. Your virtue is safe with me.”
I snorted. “I lost that long ago.”