Thursday, November 6, 2014

I give you... STEAM!


I told you guys that I had something I was excited to tell you about. Now, I can!

Let's talk about the S word for a minute. No, not Starbucks. The other S word. 


All of us enjoy dirty books, right? I do. They're raw and emotional and REAL (most of the time. I think a few of us would end up in the hospital if we tried some of those moves.)

My surprise? I created a compilation of several of my steamiest scenes and put them in one book. Also, I included a new erotic short story for you guys! All for just .99 cents!

If you've never read any of my books, this is the perfect chance to check out STEAM and see if you're interested in my work. For my readers who follow my books religiously, all of your favorite scenes are in one place now!

Description and purchase links below! (Still waiting on Nook. Story of my life!)

Amazon UK:
Amazon AU:
Nook: (Still waiting!)

Sometimes, you’re in the mood for a good story. You crave the emotional turmoil, the joy, the sorrow, or the anger. You want to live in the characters’ world and experience everything through their eyes.

Other times, you just want the sex. We all do it occasionally. We’ll flip back through some of our favorite books to read the steamy scenes.

This book is a compilation of the steamy scenes from several of my novels—Shattered Ties, Twisted Ties, Breaking Alexandria, Tainted, Toxic: Logan’s Story, Taming Alec, Deception, and Tamed. It also includes a never-before-read erotica story I’ve written.


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