Saturday, January 3, 2015

Adam: A Torn Series Novella

Surprise Cover Reveal!

In December, I published Adam: A Torn Series Novella in the Anthology, All I Want. ( Since that anthology will end soon, I've decided to publish Adam's novella on its own!

When I published Tamed ( I had several of you ask for more. Specifically, you wanted to know Adam's side of the story. Well, I listened.  This novella tells KEY SCENES (but not all! I didn't want to rewrite the entire book. That would have been boring.) from Tamed in Adam's POV, PLUS new scenes that happened AFTER Tamed ended. 

I will release it on February 10th. If you would like to preorder, just click the links below. It is just under 30K words total. I think 26 - 27K-ish.

Nook: No preorder available

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