Saturday, December 21, 2013



Mini rant about to take place....

So, I was talking with a fellow author who is getting ready to start a blog tour.

Apparently, she found out that several "blogs" that signed up for her tour weren't blogs at all. Or they were someone not affiliated with the blog they had listed.

Tainted's blog tour is coming up at the end of next month, so I thought I should check too. Low and behold, I had the same issue.

I know it makes me an idiot, but I trust people. I've been around for 23 years. You'd think that I would know better, but whatever. I'm too trusting and it gets me in trouble from time to time. Like with this situation. I never even thought to check on the people who signed up for my tour.

So, I just spent the last.... hour of my life messaging blogs that had emails that didn't match their names. Most of them were legit, but I found a few that either
A. weren't related to that blog
B. The blog they listed didn't exist

I'm kind of ticked off. Bloggers work their bums off for authors and they shouldn't be used this way. And people shouldn't try to take advantage of authors to get books.

I get that money is tight. I do. Especially around this time of year. But please, please, PLEASE don't lie. It makes legit bloggers look bad and it makes authors not trust anyone.

Now, excuse me while I go sulk and eat brownies.


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