Sunday, January 12, 2014

Which book is in which series?

 I know my booklist is confusing because I have so many books out/coming out.

I have TWO series out right now with books coming out for BOTH of those series. I ALSO have a standalone coming out soon. Below breaks down which book is in what series along with release dates:

The TORN Series:
Tainted (Releases Jan 25th)

The TIES Series:
Shattered Ties
Twisted Ties (Feb 15th)

Breaking Alexandria (April 1st)

I WILL continue on with the TORN series, but Tainted will be the last book about Chloe and Drake. The next book in that series will be about Logan.

As for the TIES series, Twisted Ties will be the LAST book. I don't have plans for a spin off series right now.

Breaking Alexandria is a standalone. It is unrelated to ANY of my other books.

I hope this helps!!!!