Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Point of No Return by Tiffany A. Snow REVIEW

First off, I want to say that I am NOT good at reviews. Ironic coming from an author, I know.
But ANYWAY - I hope I can do this book justice with my review.
I started this series a LONG time ago. I found No Turning Back by chance on Amazon. The description sounded promising, and a bit different from typical romances, so I bought it.
I finished it in one sitting. After that, I was glued. As the story progressed, I became Kade's #1 fan. I've never kept this quiet on my author page, on Tiffany's page, or anywhere else. I proudly wear my Team Kade shirt a few times a month. (Yes, I'm really that nerdy.)
As the series progressed and the relationships between the three main characters turned into one of the biggest, craziest, love triangles I have EVER read, I couldn't stop reading. The storyline was so fresh in each book, and Point of No Return was no different. I was captivated from page one.
As I said above, I've almost ALWAYS been Team Kade. Blane just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. But in PoNR, that changed. The qualities I hated most about him were suddenly the things drawing me to him.
And Kade. Oh, Kade, how I love you. But, in this book, I DID want to strangle you more than once.
Both brothers have faults, and they both have redeeming qualities as well. Both sets of traits were apparent in this book.
For the first time EVER, I was torn between these two brothers. I refuse to give the ending away, so I'll leave it at that.
PoNR was incredible, awe inspiring, HOT, and most of all, my favorite book of the Kathleen Turner series.
Read. This. Book.
You will NOT be disappointed.


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