Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ask and you shall receive...

I posted on Facebook, giving you a chance to ask any questions you have. Below are those questions and the answers.

Will you marry me?
Sure Katelynn, why not. ;)

Make me cookies?
I don’t want to kill you.

Who were you rooting for in the first book? Team Logan or Team Drake? I'm personally on team Drake all the way
Now this one is a tough one. While I was writing the story, my heart kept going back and forth between the two, but in the end I knew that Chloe was meant to be with Drake. They just have a special connection that no one else could compete with.

When does Logans Story come out
As of right now, I plan on sometime early next year. Once I finish up Forbidden, I will have a better time frame on Chloe & Drake’s Novella and Logan’s story.

Have you always liked hard rock? What did you listen to while growing up? How much does music inspire your writing? In what ways does music inspire/influence your writing? Do you start with an outline when writing?
I did not. I grew up listening to Country, and slowly started shifting away in my preteen years. I switched to pop (why, I’ll never know) and then finally settled on Rock. Music inspires me in every way; when I write, I must have music playing to write and the song at the time sets the mood. I often put one song on repeat over and over.  And yes, I do start with an outline. First in my head, and then in Word.

I'd like to read about Drake's rehab (hint). It's really tough and I think that could have made for some great reading.
This is something I have been considering, at the time I’m not 100% exactly how much I will be able to get into it because with everything else I want to add, their Novella would become another full length book.

Will you continue drake and Chloes story in Logans story?
Chloe and Drake will be in most of the books in the Torn Series, they just won’t be the main focus.

More in the series (asked by several of you)?
There will be. Right now, because you all asked for it, Chloe and Drake will have a Novella (If once I get started it goes & goes, it might be a bit longer than most, I’m not sure yet)  The other “Torn” characters will all have their own books as well. I plan to span their books over the next three years. (Jade, Amber, Logan, Adam, Eric, Jordan, and Danny) Counting Torn, Twisted, and the Novella, there will be 8 books total in the Torn Series as well as the book I’m working on now that is not part of the Torn Series.

I love Chloe, Drake, and the rest of the gang, but right now my focus is on Bree, Shawn, & Michael (Forbidden). I will keep you guys updated on everything as much as I can.


  1. Thanks for the great answers! Looking forward to reading more from you!

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